Childrens Tournaments - Stadium Experiences


What child doesn´t dream of being a professional footballer and playing at famous stadiums. The first part of the dream will remain just that for the majority of young football fans but we can make the second part of the dream become a reality.

The players get to play on the hallowed turf and imagine what it must be like to play in front of thousands of fans. A visit to the Dressing Rooms is all part of the day and the teams will line-up in the tunnel prior to their first match and have their names announced over the stadium’s P.A. system as they emerge from the tunnel and walk across the pitch.  

These tournaments are based on mini-soccer rules, are affiliated with the local FA and are organised by our CRB checked team. There are trophies etc for the winners and runners-up in the older age groups and medals for all players in the younger age groups (in line with FA directives). Every participant also receives a commemorative certificate which will be signed by the tournament host where applicable.

* Playing ability is unimportant